Thursday, March 26, 2009

Disgaea?s Prinny suicidal penguins get their own platformer

Disgaea, the popular strategy RPG series is mainly known for two things. One being it’s epicly large amount of content for level grinders and second being the suicidal penguins called Prinny. Well the little guys are getting their own platformer with perhaps the coolest title for a game ever ‘Prinny: Is It Okay If I Am The Main Character?’ check out the official website, and anticipate its arrival on Japanese PSPs on November 20th. If you have a Japanese PlayStation Store account, you’ll also want to check out the demo on of September 29th.

Trying my Best to be a Good Video Game Review

As you Can Tell I been Posting Lot of the review of game i have Play or Demo but it take me longer to Make a Long Good Sence of a review.Sadly I have problem thinking suff to say about the game beside about the control or how the graphic and suff. i mean its not easy as it look. i just whant to be Popual in this 1 up but i have no changes with my bad bad baaaaaaaaaad Spelling. Well i will try my best to be a good Review to Player.

Food Go Up While Gas Go Down

It Seem this is getting out of control with States Food/Drink Price at a Gas Station ( no Not Gas itself lol) it seem the gas been going Down Like Heck which Is good for People Who have to Travel A Lot Of time. I mean Come on i think it dumb that the Food Price went up like the 1 liter of Pepsi or Mountain Dew is Now 1.99 and last year it was 1.45 i mean that outrage of food Price is going up while gas go down more. it seem the food co and pop co Keep Rising up the price of food while the gas go down slowly a day or so. Mostly i go to Wal-mart to buy My Drink. I Think it Stupid to Raise more money in Food Or Drink so they Can Have little More In there Pocket For there co. . What you People think ?

PSP-3000 Screen Issues

Well...looks like Sony messed up yet again! Yes indeed those are scan lines you are seeing on the brand spanking new 3000 model PSP. When confronted about the issue, an SCEJ representative responded with...

"the interlacing-like lines are just "features" of the new LCD, and currently, there are no plans to fix it with a future software update since it is in the hardware."

I guess a lot of people who were considering purchasing this new model or asking for it for the upcoming christmas holiday now have to think about if this is something they're really willing to live with.

Dissidia tops Japan, Disgaea 2 port coming soon

While software sells are less than pleasant here in the states, it seems Japan has some pride left in the PSP, with a swarm of sales appearing with the launch of Dissidia. After it's debut week in Japan, Dissidia sold almost half a million copies, 489,126 to be exact. This performance topped every other console in software sales for the week, boosting PSP sales as well, with 145,957 units reportedly sold.

In other Japanese news, following Disgaea's success on the PSP, it's sequel will soon find it's way onto the Portable. While it won't be a direct port, the upcoming title will feature from gameplay improvements, including an easier menu system and a refined camera system. Disgaea 2 will arrive in Japan on February 26th of next year.

Happy New Years

Well Happy New Years Friends And People who Read My Blog. A New Year Has Come for All of Us and Hope this Year Will Be better then last years. Anyway I didnt Do Much At Home, Watch Some good Moive on the Nice Big 42 Inch Tv I have. Well Anyway I hope all you Player Had a Safe and Fun New Years.

Goodbye, Sony PSP

We barely knew ye

By Mike Smith

Whatever happened to the PSP? The device that Sony once touted as "the Walkman for the 21st century" is fast disappearing from popular consciousness, and if you believe the rumors circulating just three-and-a-half years after its launch, it's up for a major rethink in 2009.

Over the crucial month of November, the Nintendo DS shifted a jaw-dropping 1.5 million units in the US alone (up 20% from last year) while the PSP languished, managing just 421,000 sales -- actually down 27%, in what was in general a tremendously strong month for video games.

Even the software support is eroding. Despite the PSP's healthy install base of around 13 million consumers, only six 2008 PSP releases scored better than 80% on review aggregating site, compared with 16 on the DS. There's a good reason for that: nobody's making PSP games, because outside of one or two hits like this year's Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, nobody's buying them. That's only going to worsen when the superheavyweight Grand Theft Auto series (previously exclusive to the PSP on handhelds) releases its first DS title early next year.

In a lot of ways, it's a shame. The PSP is a far more capable hardware platform than the DS. It's a phone, a portable music player, a pocket-sized movie device, a mobile web browser, and when paired with a Playstation 3, a remarkably capable remote control for the system, capable of streaming music and movies from a PS3 over the Internet to wherever you happen to be.

Next to it, the DS looks like a product of another age. It's barely capable of 3D, let alone delivering a suite of mobile applications of the PSP's caliber. Not, in fact, unlike the contrast between the Playstation 3 (modern, immensely powerful, and pricey) and the Wii (underpowered, basic, and cheap.) Oh, and phenomenally successful. The parallels you can draw between Sony and Nintendo's offerings go deep.

But then, set the PSP next to the iPhone or iPod Touch, the year's other big winner in portable gaming, and the PSP's hardware design suddenly looks old hat. Where's the touchscreen? What are all these buttons for? What on earth is the point of this useless analog nub of a joystick? And why, in an age when flash memory is so cheap it practically comes in Cheerios boxes, are we still stuck with a huge, bulky, slow, and noisy optical drive? If you're going to compete by offering a powerful hardware platform, you actually need to outperform the competition. As the iPhone steps into the portable gaming ring, it's already got the PSP on the ropes.

Guess what, Sony: Apple already made the Walkman of the 21st century, and you missed the boat.